At St. Mark’s Day Service, the term ‘Challenging Behaviour’ is used with reference to an individual’s behaviour which might present as a challenge to other people and to which an effective response needs to be found. We follow the principle that problematic behaviour lies in the interactions between a person and his/her social relationships and environment. We work on modifying the interactions and this has consequences on the behaviour that is referred to as being “challenging”.


At St. Mark’s Day Service, it is recognised that a client has a right to his/her own feelings and that a client may not choose to express his/her inner state. It is recognised that the inner state of a client will vary depending on his/her health, physical comfort, relaxation, reaction to surroundings, his/her reaction to those around him/her and the extent to which he/she feels valued.


If a client expresses him/herself through negative behaviour, or by withdrawal, we will encourage their positive attributes and characters.


St Mark’s uses the Approach method, which is a framework for understanding, analysing and responding to the behavioural needs of the students and is widely adopted across the field of Health & Social Care.


We ensure that a client’s emotional well being is responded to and that his/her emotional needs are addressed. This may be achieved by providing some, or all, of the following as necessary:


* Stimulating experiences.

* Wider opportunity for choice and self-expression.

* Independence from carers and families.

* Achievement and personal development.

* Development and self-worth by use of the client’s own   resources to assist the group.

* Change of environment.