St. Mark’s Day Service recognises that assessment must be continuous if the service is to respond sensitively and appropriately to the changing needs of the service user.


  • The Client will be entitled to a thorough assessment of his/her needs and preferences. This will form the basis of a programme for meeting those needs.
  • The programme and service will be reviewed regularly.   A formal review meeting will be held once a year.



In consultation with the Client, Carers, and other professionals involved with the client, the Key Worker will complete a Care Plan that will identify the abilities and care needs of the clients.


Care Plans are made up of ‘Profiles’ that state the abilities and care needs of the client. The Care Plan might include a:

  • Medical profile;
  • Communication profile;
  • Personal care profile;
  • Physical profile;
  • Sensory assessment

The Client, Carer and Care Manager will be given a copy of the Care Plan.