Equality Statement


St. Mark’s Day Service is committed to equality of opportunity and fairness for all, regardless of sexuality, culture, religious beliefs, race, social class, age, ability, illness or gender.


If an incident occurs in the building that is offensive in relation to equalities issues, it should be reported to a senior member of staff who will investigate it further.


Any person causing offence in relation to equalities issues could be liable to either suspension and/or disciplinary measures.



Staff Code of Conduct


Staff are expected to interact appropriately with clients, parents, colleagues and the Manager.


Staff will be required to be aware of the following:


Use of language

  • Ensuring that the tone and pitch of voice is not threatening or oppressive.
  • Speaking to others with respect.
  • Using age appropriate language at all times.


Inappropriate physical contact such as:

  • Restraining a client unless their life or that of others are in danger.
  • Tugging or pulling clients.
  • Cuddling, kissing or tickling a client.

By following the above basic code of conduct, we believe that we can encourage equality, fairness and respect in the service that we offer.