The Role of the Keyworker

The keyworker’s role is to enable a person to build a pattern of mutually satisfying social relationships.


Keyworkers’ responsibilities are good recording practice, which means:


  • Sharing recordings with Students
  • Sharing information with colleagues
  • Storing sensitive records and ensuring record are kept up to date and accurate
  • Give information to other agencies when it is appropriate
  • Communicate with carers
  • Representing student
  • Ensure the daily communication book has been written


Think about the individual, in particular:

  • How can an individual be supported to work towards aims and goals?
  • Is the daily routine appropriate? Does it look flexible?
  • Review and assessment – involve students and carers
  • Activity and participation – to be encouraged
  • What are the needs of the individual observed?
  • Are their needs being met by the service?